Weekend Freebies – free Kindle books at Amazon

The weekend is hurtling toward us so here are a few free books for Kindle courtesy of those nice folks at Amazon.

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Spitting Devil by Brian Freeman

Currently free at Amazon UK and Amazon.com

“Detective Jonathan Stride is back. A third woman dead in two months. And for the third time, Alison Malville isn’t sure her husband was home all night. When the killer sends the usual photo of his victim to the press, she sees an item of her clothing left with this body, too. Could you believe your own husband was capable of murder? Would you turn him in?”

Deferral of Guilt by James Parr

Currently free at Amazon UK but not yet at Amazon.com.

“When a tramp is found with massive head wounds close to the property of wealthy retired carpet tycoon Frank Brownhills, the police have no reason to suspect him or his glamorous ex-model wife of involvement. But when they find a trail of blood leading into the garden and Carron Brownhills goes missing, the investigation starts to assume larger dimensions.

As detectives Pat O’Donnell and Alex Paterson piece together a story of murder, rape, blackmail and revenge each man is pursued by his own private demons. For both have guilty secrets which threaten to overwhelm them before their investigation is completed.”

Big Head (Canal Street Station) by Jess Butcher

Currently free at Amazon UK and Amazon.com

“I love to eat garbage. Since I’m being totally candid, I suppose you should also know I have a habit of noisily licking my testicles when I’m relaxing. Though both these practices can be problematic, the former recently served as the source of my epiphany, while the latter occasionally causes my friends some small embarrassment, no pun intended.
Before I describe my revelation, I hope you won’t mind if I digress a bit. My name is Big Head. Since that moniker was given me by the hairy, reddish-faced man known as Abner Kernoodle, I suppose I could claim his Christian name as well, although it’s never been required of me.

I’m presently ninety-eight years of age. I was born on the cool, oily concrete beneath the long-dormant engine of a ’66 Chrysler convertible. The hulk of my birthplace still stands, perilously balanced on four cement blocks behind the bus station in Hot Coffee, Kansas.”

The Revelation Project by John Worth

Currently free at Amazon UK and Amazon.com

“The acrid air is thick with smoke as she picks her way over the dead and dying. Her breathing is labored, punctuated with hacking coughs and piercing pain. The smell of death and charred flesh permeate her senses as deadly missiles explode all around her. She squints through the mist, focusing on the towers, and safety, just ahead. She turns and yells out to the person behind her, “Another hundred yards and we’ll be safe.” Losing her footing, she trips and falls. Her cheekbone crashes hard into the ground, leaving the taste of warm blood in her mouth.

Thus begins the tale of Mya Seward. Employed as a research technician for the US government working on Bible codes, Mya makes a remarkable discovery that is destined to change the world. Embedded within the text of the Torah, she discovers a computer code written thousands of years ago. On the surface, the computer code reveals the existence of a benevolent master race known as the Iam that nurtured early man to ensure his survival. However, as she delves deeper into the computer program, she unlocks the fantastic secrets of this encrypted code, known as ‘The Prophecies,’ and discovers the terrifying truth about the Iam and their ultimate plan for humanity. Follow Mya and her small band of comrades as they engage in a fierce struggle and mortal combat in a race against time to save humanity.”

Out of the Limelight (Farrow and Flint Series) by James Bagworth

Current free at Amazon UK and Amazon.com

“In the bawdy world of 19th century Music Hall, comedians Farrow and Flint find themselves accused of murder. Their struggle to clear their name leads them into a dark world, far from the bright lights of theatre, crossing paths with conspirators, murderers and lovers, and finally leading them to a chilling discovery in the depths of Victorian London.

This is a novel for readers who like their murders lightened with humour and a touch of romance; a treat for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Midsomer Murders, New Tricks or Frost.”

21 Memory Improvement Tips – Lose The Post It Notes and Get Your Memory Back by David Brugger

Currently free at Amazon UK and Amazon.com

“Limited Time Discount! The price of this book will be raised very soon. Grab your copy today!

Memory issues are something we will all experience at different times and at different levels throughout our life. So many things can negatively affect memory function some of which are temporary such as fluctuating stress levels and minor temporary illness such as the common cold, and some that are more permanent such as chronic disease, birth defect, or brain injury.

Whether or not you are experiencing memory lapses and malfunctions presently, rest assured! You will experience such “joys” again soon enough and be able to put into practice some of the tips outlined in the book!”


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