Rosie Claverton – Binary Witness

Black and white image of a couple holding hands against a bright white light, overlayed by binary code (0s and 1s) on a computer screen. Book title and author are in a yellow sans serif font.

Rosie Claverton
Binary Witness
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Carina Press
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And also

Binary Witness was the first in the Amy Lane mysteries, followed by Code Runner and the third or “two and a halfth”, Car Hacker, is due out on 23 February. Can’t wait.

I read both each book in one sitting, enjoyed them hugely, had a brief Twitter conversation with Rosie Claverton about our ideal casting then thought no more of it. A book set in Cardiff, no matter how engaging the characters and plot is unlikely to hit the big screen. Said I. Hah!

UK retailer WH Smith published their Crime Books We Want to See on The Big Screen on Friday and look who’s at number 10!

Amy Lane Mysteries – the covers to date


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