Nora Ephron – Koop nooit een rode jas

Cropped image of a bright red coat showing just the lower half buttoned up

Nora Ephron
Dutch title
Koop nooit een rode jas
Translated by
Petra C. van der Eerden, Christine Elion, Eva Wolff, Caecile de Hoog
Original English title
The Most of Nora Ephron
Cover design
Studio Room
Linda.boeken (original by Alfred A Knopf/Borzoi)
Publication date

I don’t have a copy of the Dutch version but here’s the quote taken from an essay entitled “The Legend” in the American edition of another compilation, I Remember Nothing And Other Reflections:

We were taught that organized religion was the root of all evil and that Adlai Stevenson was God. We were indoctrinated in my mother’s rules: Never buy a red coat. Red meat keeps your hair from turning gray. You can leave the table but you may not leave the table. Girdles ruin your stomach muscles.

I liked Ms Ephron, she made me laugh but I don’t agree with her mother on the red coats issue.

My mother passed away suddenly on Christmas Day; she always looked wonderful in red coats and woollen jackets and I was tempted to go out and buy one for the funeral but common sense prevailed, I resisted and will instead donate to Tŷ Hafan hospice.


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