Nicci Gerrard – Huis van herinneringen

Sepia toned photograph of a the back of a young woman with long dark hair tied loosely in a bun; she's wearing a cap sleeved, knee length pink and cream floral dress. and is reaching the top of the steps in front of a large, imposing building.

Nicci Gerard
Title (NL)
Huis van herinneringen
Mireille Vroege
Original title (EN)
The Twilight Hour
Cover design
Wil Immink Design
Cover image
Mark Owen/Trevillion Images
Meulenhoff Boekerij
Publication date

I’m trying to place the building in the background of this photograph. Here’s the original by Mark Owen showing the wrought ironwork above her head (cropped from the cover version).

Would you know the name and location of this building? Leave a comment if you do!


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