Kat Gordon – The Artificial Anatomy of Parks

Against a creamy background, a beautiful whisp of blue smoke curls toward the sky. The book's title is in a lovely handwritten script typeface while the pull quotes are set in a very legible serif.

Kat Gordon
The Artificial Anatomy of Parks
Cover design
Simon Levy Associates
Legend Press
Publication date

I was delighted to receive a review copy of this book a couple of months ago, not only did I love the book, I’m seriously considering getting a paperback version to add to the collection of framed favourite book covers.

Today (July 1, 2015) is launch day, there’s a wonderful buzz on Twitter, so get thee to a bookstore and buy it, you’ll love it!

Postscript: In an interview with Tony Riches as part of the Book Launch Blog Tour, author Kat Gordon intriguingly writes:

…but parts of the story needed to be beefed up, or cut down, and one character disappeared altogether while another was brought back from the dead.

Now that’s given me something to ponder until I get the chance to reread!


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