Jane Isaac – Before It’s Too Late

Against a dark, cloud-laden sky and bare trees an abandoned farm building sits and glowers, it's windows like rows of broken teeth. Almost as an afterthought we see a white van parked off to the right. The title and author's name in a bold, sans serif type across the top and bottom.

Jane Isaac
Before It’s Too Late
Cover design
Simon Levy Associates
Legend Press
Publication date

I really like this cover (the hairs on the back of my neck stood up a little as I started to imagine what dark deeds were going on behind those windows) and would have snatched it up to read the synopsis, intrigued that it’s not another cover featuring a young woman (in a red coat!) running away from the camera.

It’s ironic then that I wish for once that the cover artist had gone with a female because there are so few non white leads in mainstream fiction and a non-victim style depiction of Min Li could have made for an excellent cover.

Finally, here’s an interview with the author about the cover.


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