Book cover and ebook news : 13 March 2012

  • Recovering Lolita

    Among the problems Nabokov’s Lolita poses for the book designer, probably the thorniest is the popular misconception of the title character. She’s chronically miscast as a teenage sexpot—just witness the dozens of soft-core covers over the years. “We are talking about a novel which has child rape at its core,” says John Bertram, an architect and blogger who, three years ago, sponsored a Lolita cover competition asking designers to do better.

  • How e-books made reading sexy again by JoJo Moyes
  • Sales of digital novels are soaring – so why don’t best-seller lists reflect this trend? After more than a decade of writing novels, it is the stuff of dreams to have one finally make it into the Top 10. But when asked about my sales, I have no idea whether I should be celebrating my good fortune, or feeling furious that I’m not several places higher in the charts.

  • Joanna Trollope: iPads and Kindles will never replace the printed page

    iPads and Kindles will never replace the printed page, Joanna Trollope has suggested, because “you cannot love a library of e-books”.

  • How Twitter is changing the literary world

    As Jonathan Franzen and JK Rowling are parodied on Twitter, Ceri Radford looks at the rise of the sarcastic tweet, and asks how this social network is fuelling literary spats

  • Twitter hits back after Jonathan Franzen outburst
  • Judging a book by its cover

    Much ado this morning about Joanna Trollope, the chief judge at this year’s Orange Prize, who admitted that she was ‘influenced’ by a book’s cover. The prize will be judged on prose, but Trollope’s comments about covers are hardly novel, even in the context of serious literary prizes. Julian Barnes won the Booker prize and proceeded to thank his cover designer, saying:
    ‘Those of you who have seen my book, whatever you think of its contents, will probably agree it is a beautiful object. And if the physical book, as we’ve come to call it, is to resist the challenge of the eBook, it has to look like something worth buying, worth keeping.’


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