Andrew Mayne – Illusie (Angel Killer)

A pair of white wings hang by a wide lace ribbon on a white painted brick wall.

Andrew Mayne
Title (NL)
Original EN title
Angel Killer
Translated by
Karst Dalmijn
Cover design
Cunera Joosten
De Crime Compagnie
Publication date
2014 (English version published 2012)

I love everything about this cover from the colours to the photograph itself to the lovely mix of typefaces and would definitely pick it up in a store. The original American English version has a very different cover but I’m sufficiently intrigued by the synopsis to get it anyway.

I could maybe buy the epub version, take it apart and put it back together with the Dutch cover. Somehow I think that might be breaking all sorts of copyright rules…

Tip: You can buy the original print “Wings hanging on brick wall” by Roderick Chen.


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