Gerhard Richter painting of his daughter Betty[This poor wee site has been “in development” for months while I got tied up with other projects but I’m working hard on restoring the back end and it’s due to launch in February December 2014!]

I’ve loved book covers for as long as I can remember. One of life’s great pleasures is browsing through books in stores, car boot sales, second hard shops, charity shops… if there are books to be found, I’m usually there.

Then many years ago I started noticing a trend. It might have been after reading a book about Gerhard Richter, one of my favourite paintings of his is a portrait of his daughter, Betty.

I saw the portrait at the National Gallery and at some point after that I realised that many of the book covers I’ve been collecting over the years have the same theme – someone turning, walking, running, jumping, diving away from the camera.

As I thought about a way of archiving those images the idea of creating a website took hold. And here we are.


All covers are of course the copyright of their respective publishers.
The site is built with WordPress, hosted by Vidahost, the wonderful theme framework is by Christine at BlueLime Media and image galleries are created with the most excellent FooPlugins.

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